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R.I.P. Worthless Genius

Though last week’s announcement of being finished with my productivity quest was just an April Fools joke, this announcement is quite real.

I will no longer be updating the Worthless Genius blog, instead I will be moving onto a new blog at

I plan on leaving all of the Worthless Genius posts and content here, and still following through on comments, etc. I will be putting together some kind of new layout to accentuate the most popular posts here, so that newcomers can find some value through all of the settling dust.

Two years is a good run, and I have learned much about writing, productivity, and all of the other topics that I have covered here in the past. I hope that some of my readers will follow me onto my new endeavor, and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces commenting over there.

If you would like to know more information about my motivations behind this switch, head on over to the first post on the Blog, and leave a comment there with your thoughts.

Thank you, reader, for a great 2 year run. Here’s to the future!

The Search For a Better Tag Line

Looking for a new tagline

I’ve been attempting to change some stuff around here on Worthless Genius, and I came to the conclusion that I need a better tag line. Though the current one does apply pretty well to what I talk about here, I think it’s about time to switch things up, and maybe head in a new direction.

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Jupiter Broadcasting Gives Away a Popcorn Hour

Jupiter Broadcasting, the group of guys behind the Linux Computer Action Show, CastaBlasta and a range of other great internet entertainment announced a few months ago that they were giving away a Popcorn Hour media player to one lucky YouTube subscriber.

They announced the winner on Friday:

And that lucky winner was…Me! I’m super excited about this great prize for several reasons.

Currently, we consume our movies and television shows on my wife’s Macbook. This is a pretty great setup, but it can become a little uncomfortable at times. With the Popcorn Hour, we can now watch all of our media on the TV in our room. And I do mean ALL of our media:

  • MPEG1/2/4
  • MP3
  • AVI
  • ASF
  • WMV
  • MOV
  • H.264
  • XviD
  • AAC
  • WAV
  • JPEG
  • and more

We don’t own an HDTV, but this is thing is capable of pumping out 1080p signal. This will be great when we want to watch something over at my dad’s (he owns a GIANT Sony Bravia HDTV). Whereas previously we would have had to resample an AVI video and burn it to a DVD to experience it at my dad’s house, now I can throw a hard drive in the Popcorn Hour and lug it on down to his house.

I can’t wait to review this unit, and really get down in the trenches with its functionality.

So, thanks Bryan and Chris, you guys completely rock!

Raptor, Come on Down!

Worthless Genius recently posted a contest to win a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC.  Contest entrants were asked to leave a comment containing their favorite Batman villain for a chance to win this PC game.

The winner was chosen through a randomized MySQL query, pictured here:

Congrats, Raptor!

Congrats, Raptor!

The winner of this much coveted prize is Raptor:

The Winning Comment

The Winning Comment

Congratulations to Raptor, and to all those who entered.

There were very few entries this time around, and this seems to be due to a DNS issue with Worthless Genius.  A few potential entrants noted that they could not reach the blog post, so I will have to be working with GoDaddy to attempt to get this sorted out.

Stay tuned everyone, there will be future contests here on Worthless Genius, so check back for your chance to win!

Yo, Ho, Blow The Man Down!

I will be attending the Pirates Ahoy! today in Frostburg, MD, taking photos and video for The Appalachian Independent.

Put on by the Frostburg State University Children’s Literature Centre and FrostburgFirst, there will be a costume contest, treats, and a treasure hunt!

My 2-year-old son is really looking forward to it.  I hope that I get to see many youngins and adults alike dressed in pirate garb.  It should make for a pretty interesting video.

So, if you aren’t busy this morning, come on up to Frostburg, and have some piratey fun with your children!

SixRevisions’ FlashOtaku Contest

Last week, I entered a contest at SixRevisions to win a license of FlashOtaku‘s Slideshow Flash Deluxe Component, and actually won!

I’m excited to get to work on using this Flash component, and can’t wait to see what I can do with it.  I’d like to thank SixRevisions and FlashOtaku for having this contest.  I’ve been a big fan of SixRevisions for a long while, and subscribe to their feed to get all kinds of useful design and development information including Photoshop tutorials, design inspiration and all kinds of other great information that I couldn’t recommend enough.

So, welcome all travelers from SixRevisions.  Take a look around, and enjoy some of the articles that I’ve written.

Here are a few I might recommend:

I hope you find something interesting trolling around here.  I value your feedback on any of the topics.  I hope you stick around, there’s lots more interesting ideas in the future of Worthless Genius.  Thanks for stopping by!

Worthless Blab

Today I’m announcing another brain child of mine: Worthless Blab.  Worthless Blab is a short-form blog about all the little things I want to rant about.

I feel like I should keep this main Worthless Genius site pure and good, and not muddy it with all of the little opinions I have.  Here on this blog, I tend to write 1000+ word posts about all kinds of topics, but there’s 5 short topics for every 1 that I write here.

Now, I’ll be able to blabber on, and not have to clutter up this shining example of blogitude.

So, go visit Worthless Blab and listen to my incessant ranting.

60 Days, 60(+) Posts – Part Deux

Back in mid September, I launched an initiative to get myself to write more, called 60 Days, 60(+) Posts.  That initiative turned out to be a rousing success, so I’d like to announce that I am once again taking up the challenge.

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Server Stuff

Because of these economic times, I’ve moved my sites to a new server.  One by one, they will all come back online, so until that happens, there may be some flakiness.

There is a lot of discord on the net about Godaddy’s Shared Hosting service, and their inability to process permalink structure in WordPress, and I’m definitely not out of the woods with that in mind.

Things will return to normal shortly, and I can get some more content up here, especially the long awaited Episode 4 of the Worthless Genius Podcast.

Thanks for sticking around.