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One Year Ago on Worthless Genius

Blogs and Resources for the Aspiring Writer

I’ve been coming across more and more sets of specific tips for the writer in all of us while browsing randomly around the web. While there are quite a few blogs that specifically post articles only about writing, there are lots of blogs that have a focus in some other area, and still manage to make the occasional post which relates to the art that we are trying to perfect.

Here’s a list with brief descriptions of blogs and resources that I have found useful while I’ve been working on the “Overneath” projects.

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60 Days, 60(+) Posts

It’s been 50 days since I started my 60 Days, 60(+) Posts initiative, and I’d like to report that it has been a success. I came in 10 days early for my 60th post. While I’m not stopping here, I thought it would be a good time to do a roundup of those posts that I’ve found most interesting in the past 60.

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Resources for Web Developers and Designers

Recently, I’ve been going back to college to finally get my degree in Web Development. For a teacher, I gathered links that I had used in my work out in the field. Here is a collection of everything I could think of.

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Post #100!

I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far. 100 posts, WOW. I haven’t stuck to something like this before, and I’m really excited that I’m still here taking things on.

Though, we’ve been through a domain change, several starts and stops, we’ve chugged along at a decent pace.

The first article was posted on 04/23/2008. It’s been 171 days since then, which means there was an average of 0.58 posts per day. Now this is far below what I am hoping for the future, but it sure is a start. I’d like to take a few moments and write about a few posts that marked points in the blog’s life.

In this time, I’ve been through a job, struggled to find another one, and ended up going to back to college to get that degree that I’ve been chasing for a long time. This has been a hard decision, and it has contained a lot of work, but it’s been a wonderful ride so far, and I hope to see things increase in funness into the future. With the changes to scheduled posts, and all the other stuff going on, I expect this next 100 posts will be the best yet.

60 Days, 60(+) Posts Update

It’s been 15 days since I started the 60 Days, 60 (+) Posts initiative, and things are going very well. In those 15 days, I have posted 24 blog posts, and have managed to switch domains for the blog.

This initiative has gotten me in the mood to do more writing, as well as writing more often about subjects I would normally keep completely internalized.

How about some stats:

  • 24 posts in 15 days
  • 5 chapters of Dimenxia (handwritten 10 pages, front and back)
  • All of my homework
  • Assignments ahead of time for class

I think the advances in each of these areas is really due to the fact that I am out here writing every chance I get. I even have been writing things down that I want to blog about, so that I can sit down at the end of the day and put something out there.

If everything goes at the current rate, my first manuscript rough draft of Dimenxia could be completed by the end of 2008. This is a huge achievement, since I’ve been writing this thing on and off for well over 5 years. I know my wife will be excited to sit down and read the story from cover to cover, since she’s only heard and read bits and pieces of the saga over these 5 years.

Overall, I’m getting very excited about moving projects forward, and the prospect of getting some of them completed and out of the way, so that I can start digging into my Someday/Maybe file.

If you are a writer, programmer, or just a general person, I would suggest that you set a simple goal for yourself, as I have done with the 60 Days, 60(+) Posts, and go out there and make yourself feel better as you strive for those loftier goals in your life. It has surely helped me on my road, and I think it could help anyone else of the same persuasion.

Early Morning

Oh, man, 6 AM never seemed this tired before…

My 2-year-old son was tragically awakened by the loud thunderstorms that we’re having in the area today. He’s sitting in his hand-made bear chair, which my grandfather created, cut, assembled and stained by hand. Cup of water and goldfish crackers nearby, he’s happily watching Growing Up With Winnie the Pooh – A Great Day of Discovery (when he wants to watch something, we let him choose from the DVD rack).

My head is killing me, I really need to get some coffee into me before I fall asleep again. Maybe I’ll take a nap today when he goes down. Here’s a few resources for those of you out there that are a bit averse to naps:

If you have your trusty PMOG toolbar installed, you’ll notice the last link has a mission with related napping information.

Personally, I will probably be drinking some coffee and laying down for a good 20 minute Neuro Programmer 2 session. This has worked for me in the past, and we’ll see a good real-world application today.