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Yesterday turned out to be an exciting day. My son’s grandmother, who usually watches him on days when I have school, was away at a retirement party for his grandfather. So, the whole day he got to spend with his daddy.

We went to his Papa’s office and spent some time having fun with stickers, bubbles and a medical glove that was blown up and tied off to look like a chicken.

Then, we headed down the street to the M&M Bakery on Baltimore Ave. His aunt Heather works there, and we were treated to a free chocolate chip cookie, which he devoured after spending some time talking.

We walked down to The Book Store on Centre St., where we had a great time looking at books and stuffed animals. We picked up 3 Charlie & Lola books, and a great little book about the changing seasons, falling leaves and a curious little fox.

After this, he was feeling quite cranky, so we headed home. Yesterday was an action-packed day, full of tantrums with a new 2 year old intensity.

Overall, it was very busy, and very fun. I enjoy the break from school every now and then, and it’s especially appealing to me to spend the time with my son.

Stub Projects and Time Management

If you know me personally, you certainly know that I have some trouble managing my time. The way my brain works makes my attentions turn to certain pursuits over others, sometimes without a conscious thought on my behalf.

With this type of ‘disability’ comes a lot of loose ends, as well as issues involving relationships with customers, family and friends. Though I’m actively attempting to change my habits, things never seem to stick.

The way my passion works is a burst of sudden energy toward one topic, and my attentions can seem infinite and without speed bumps. Without fail, once the passion fades, I’m left with an empty husk where productivity should be, and things get left to rot in the background of my ever-changing mind. Truthfully, my mind is a scary place to live, with thousands upon thousands of connections running from one topic to a seemingly disparate topic of an entirely separate persuasion.

That being said, truly there are projects out there which I have started (quite a few come to mind, *cough* ZTTC *cough*) and are truly just relics of the spaghetti that is my thought process.
[A quick word about the irony of this post. I started writing this on Thursday, August 28th, and only made it to this point.]

So, I’d like to list a few of my projects here, with some brief descriptions so that I can get things in order, and make small strides forward in each of their processes.

  1. DiggNitty – This was a project that never made it anywhere, as using the name of Digg in any new service is against the copyright holder’s rights. DiggNitty was to be started as the “nitty gritty” version of Digg, with more adult-themed sections and stories. I was told very amiably that I could not use the name “Digg” in my site, and I’ve come to terms with the idea that they are just trying to protect their rights. expires today, and I am going to let my hold on the domain lapse. If someone out there wants to try their hand with this, be my guest.
  2. Nostrus – Nostrus was to be a blog and content management system for websites. I started this project in 2005, but after seeing how much spam can build up on a homebrew system, and running into enough other issues, it was abandoned. I just use WordPress now, and stop worrying about the underlying code of the site. expires on September 16th, and I’m unsure whether I want to keep it around for a future project, or just release it back to the wild, saving a few dollars a year in the process.
  3. The Third Realm – The Third Realm was to be the home of Jaycen Poole’s artwork and rants. For a while, it ran the Nostrus software. After switching a few different servers, it was sidetracked, and no new content was being produced. Jaycen has expressed the desire for a new blog under a different domain name. Most likely, I will set it up using WordPress, thereby making things a lot easier for everyone.
  4. Radioactive Computers – I guess you could say that this is the granddaddy of all of my failed projects. Radioactive Computers was a company that I started with a coworker in 2004. We did desktop support for individual and business customers, as well as running a hosting business with a dedicated server. We also began running a Half Life 2: Deathmatch server, and created a fully-functional stats system with an online profile and forums. This effort created the Radioactive Clan (rAc) which is still active today.

    After operating for about 2 years, the losses we were taking with the dedicated server were starting to hit home. Both of us had fulltime jobs and growing families to take care of, so things became stagnate, and the business was lost. The forums on the original site are still available in a read-only format.

  5. – This was simply to be a place to post pictures of my son, for our families to see. A set of about 20 pictures were posted, and nothing ever came of it. I still plan on doing something with this domain, but it’s unclear what at this point.
  6. Amjebin – This domain never had a clear project associated with it, but I still own it nonetheless. At one point, it was a wiki for me to keep track of things I was working on, but it became way too cumbersome for its own good.
  7. I’m A Big Fat Loser – Before I joined Weight Watchers, I was trying to figure out a great way to lose weight, and create some sort of fun project along with that goal. Originally, I was going to try to make a wager with the world, and bet that I could lose 50 pounds in some crazy short amount of time, and thereby win some sort of reward. Alright, that’s kind of a weird idea, right?

    Although I have lost 25 pounds with Weight Watchers, I’m still 33 pounds away from my realistic goal weight. I think if I can grab some more time, I might do this blog again, and try to at least chronicle my normal weight loss and keep track of my points and exercise and weight loss-oriented thoughts.

  8. Western Maryland Think Tank – The Western Maryland Think Tank was going to be an invite-only forum for contemplating the large ideas for life, as well as the small things affecting life in this area. It existed for a small time, but eventually faded into dust. I would love to get this started up again, as I’ve recently resumed contact with a few of my intellectual friends.
  9. Cranial Constructs – This is a new recruit to my army of incomplete ideas. Cranial Constructs was to be a repository of some of my best ideas, so that I could put the ideas out into the world. The thought was that because I’ve been getting less and less time to complete things, if I put the ideas out there in an open source type fashion, someone can pick them up and get them done, paying great justice to the concepts, without need for copyright, trademark and patent disputes on my end.It became painfully obvious, while I was trying to put the concepts into words and simple artwork, that each idea needed much more love than I was able to give it at the time. I’m not going to include these projects in this roundup, but maybe I’ll go over them at a later date.

This is pretty much all of the ones that I feel comfortable sharing at this point. But just from memory, I can think of at least 6 or 7 others that have been partially done with great enthusiasm, only to meet the wrong side of a backup folder.

I think I might do a spotlight series of posts, focusing on a new idea in each, and including bits of already completed work in order to try to work through things a bit better. But, as I’ve said earlier in the post, most of the time I can’t be arsed to complete much of anything.

On the Road Again

My wife and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary on Saturday. We both have been looking forward to our trip to Tybee Island in Georgia for a long weekend.

We are leaving tonight, and driving all night to get there. This is no small feat, as it turns out this should be around an 11.5 hour drive.

Myriah worked 11 hours today, and has been working overtime for the past two, so she is ready for a nice nights’ sleep in the car on the ride down. I’m going to be entertaining myself with podcasts (Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show) and a radio show (Slipstream from the BBC).

We’re very, very excited about all of this, so I will probably be writing about the goings on here on the blog.

If all goes well, we’ll be spending most of our time on the beach. We also plan to go to the Crab Shack (one of our favorite places down there), and going on a “haunted walk” in Savannah.

All in all, it should be a fun vacation, with time for just the two of us. As long as the weather does better than what is expected, things will be dandy.


Alright, admittedly, it’s been way too long since I’ve last blogged. I have a couple of stories coming up that should be a good read, including a Book Review.

Last weekend, we went to Ohio once again, to see ‘Damn Yankees’ at the Carousel Dinner Theatre. As always, the food was delicious, and the performance was good. This makes me wish that we did have a dinner theatre in this area, as it is a wonderful experience.

On Friday, we got to go again to the ‘Longhorn Steakhouse’, which is always a treat. Saturday morning, we went to a flea market (Amish or Mennonite), and had a wonderful time checking out the wares. We got a little something for everyone, and decided to make plans to return later in the year to complete our Christmas shopping.

After the flea market, we got to go swimming and spend time in the hot tub. This was very good, because Myriah’s knees were really hurting that day. We rested a bit and got ready for the dinner theatre.

The next day was basically breakfast and travel. We took the Pennsylvania Turnpike on the way home this time, and shaved almost 2 hours off of our trip.

I’ve been extremely hard at work the past week, trying to meet a deadline. Nothing like a good solid deadline to make you say ‘holy shit! I haven’t been working efficiently enough!’.

Weekend in Ohio

As noted in my last post, we spent the weekend in Ohio.

We left Cumberland at around 1:30pm on Friday, and stopped to eat at a Longhorn Steakhouse, which if you haven’t eaten there before, has extremely large portions of high-calorie foods. The food was quite good, but not nearly on par with the Outback Steakhouse (my personal favorite).

After eating there, we went on to a Border’s book store to have a look around. Of course, we can never spend time in a bookstore without spending lots of money. Luckily, we had a short time on Friday to actually look around, so no purchase was made.

We went to our hotel to check in, and pretty much collapsed until the next morning.

After our complimentary breakfast, we headed to Cleveland to spend some time at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hadn’t been their since I was a kid, and I realised that the place did seem a good bit bigger earlier in life. They had a few interesting featured exhibits, and we finally got a copy of Help! on DVD.

Once we were finished mulling over celebrity’s personal effects, we headed to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. This is apparently the sixth that I’ve been to in the world (Montreal, London, Baltimore, Cleveland, Washington DC and New York City).

We stuffed our faces and were onto the Cleveland Natural History Museum. As with most museums of this type, there wasn’t enough time. We had to leave by 4pm in order to make it back to our hotel, get dressed up and go to our dinner-theatre show.

We saw The King and I at the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Akron. The show was amazing, and the food was divine. Myriah and I had never been to a dinner theatre before, but we were very excited and pleased with our experience. We got back to the hotel at midnight, and slept like babies until Sunday Morning.

We once again ate the complimentary breakfast, and went back to the Border’s Book Store. We spent a good bit of time, and a nice chunk of my father’s money. We got some good books for Benjamin, as well as some more reading material for us.

We ate at Quizno’s and had desert at the local Cold Stone Creamery. This is by far my favorite ice cream venue, and I certainly ate a good bit.

We took the 4 hour drive home, and finally got to see our son after a 3 days. He was excited we were home, and we were too, and we went to bed fairly early.

Overall, it was a fun and eventful weekend, and I’m certainly glad we went. We’ll be going again in a few weeks, to see Damn Yankees. I’m truly excited.


Today we’re leaving on a weekend trip to Ohio. I’m really excited because I get to go back to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Last time I went, I was 10 or 11, and I really wasn’t into all of the bands there. Now, I’m a big Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, etc. fan. This is going to be pretty cool.

We’ll be taking Myriah’s laptop, so expect to be hearing from us every night with some good details of everything that happened.