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Knight Rider

OK, so I go from a wonderful episode of Stargate Atlantis, to a hot steaming pile of poop that is Knight Rider.

I must have missed something between the pilot and this episode, but it really doesn’t matter. I’m not really sure I can sit through the rest of this, but I’m going to attempt to do it.

So, the situations and concepts of the show seem to be pretty cool, but I’m not so sure that I can get past the terrible acting. It seems that the actors are a little “new”. Though they each have plenty of roles under their belt, they are in serious need of a weekend acting camp.

With all the technology that’s available in this universe, it’s hard to believe that a simple thing like personal interaction is such a commodity.

In conclusion, this is now off of my list for week-to-week releases, and I’ll be saving 40 minutes of my time.

Stargate Atlantis

Man, oh man, oh man. I haven’t been as excited about this show since the beginning. The last episode, First Contact, was amazing.

It’s good to see Dr. Daniel Jackson back in the Stargate universe, and the friction/chemistry between Rodney and Dr. Jackson is just absolutely awesome.

The cliffhanger in this episode was well worth watching the last 5 seasons, and I have no idea why they are planning on cancelling the series. All of the rabid fans will hopefully be able to get together and make sure that it stays on for seasons to come.

I’m very impressed with this last episode, and I hope they can finish out the series with a bang. I’ll be tuned in this weekend for the next exciting episode.