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Worthless Genius Stats

As a bit of an aside, today I’d like to talk about some stats that I’m pooling here on the site.  The stats are going to be for posts created on the old Stroz.net blog, but not including SPAM or page hits while it was running there. If you care, you can keep reading. Continue reading

Why Do I Have a Blog?

Recently I’ve put a lot of thought into the reasons behind this blog’s existence. It’s not here to make money (though the $0.30/month in AdSense revenues doesn’t hurt), but for a more ethereal reason that touches on the very nature of my being.

One of the greatest benefit of living in this country of ours is the right to free speech. Though I don’t have many things to say that would be censored in less understanding nations, I still like to stand by this basic human right and express my opinions.

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