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Blogs and Resources for the Aspiring Writer

I’ve been coming across more and more sets of specific tips for the writer in all of us while browsing randomly around the web. While there are quite a few blogs that specifically post articles only about writing, there are lots of blogs that have a focus in some other area, and still manage to make the occasional post which relates to the art that we are trying to perfect.

Here’s a list with brief descriptions of blogs and resources that I have found useful while I’ve been working on the “Overneath” projects.

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What’s With All The Spam?

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of blog comment spam. I have to say that I love the Akismet plugin for WordPress, as it keeps it all out of the posts.

Why does spam seem like a good idea? Do people really get a benefit out of spamming comments on random low traffic blogs?

I’m sorry, but I’m just not a lover of “Zoo Porn”, so please, go somewhere else to peddle your wares.