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Systematically Failing

I have learned much about myself through introspective thought. My need to create a system to reign in the chaos around my life–and the subsequent failure of each system tried–has created a kind of numbing toward the inadequacies of all existing systems and their ability to suitably solve many of my problems.

Systems that implement a broad spectrum of principles to fit many individuals, I have learned, do not work when applied to my personal situation.

Ultimately, this is not a failure of those systems, but rather a failure of my self to accept a system that has worked for many other people.

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Systematically Systemizing

If there is anything to be admired about modern man’s brain, it is its uncanny ability to create order from chaos.

We see this sort of behavior daily. Traffic lights, filesystems, smartphones, and (even more simply) our written and spoken language. While the evolutionary benefit may have passed its time, the concept of getting one’s life “in order” still sits at the forefront even into the 21st century.

Even in the world of knowledge workers, we tend to put systems in place which make us assume that everything is optimized.

I believe that simply attempting to create order out of the chaos of modern life leads me further down the path to chaos.

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How Not To Write A Novel – Or 4 Ways To Drop The Ball

As I’ve mentioned multiple times here in the past, I am working on writing a novel. Truthfully, there is enough material in the universe of this novel for three or four full length novels.

I started with the ideas in late 2002, and have progressively and consistently dropped the ball day after day since then. I have found that there are no less than four things that have played into my failure in finishing the novel(s) that I have been working on over the past few years.

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