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Writer’s Guilt



Every creative person before me has identified and dealt with a little issue that I’m going to call Writer’s Guilt.  Writers Guilt occurs in two distinct–yet definitely intertwined–forms.

It occurs to me that everyone with a creative pursuit must go through this ordeal and come away making a choice in either direction.  I have yet to make that choice, and end up doing 50% on both sides of the coin, rather than picking one and going full force.

What can I do about this?  Let’s first identify the two sides of the story, then we’ll do a little research to find out what ways other writers suggest to get past this social and personal road block.

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Office Cleanup – For Real This Time

About a year ago, I posted an article about how I was going to clean up my office surroundings.  This went completely into hibernation, and nothing was ever done to complete this monumental task.

That is, until yesterday.  Check out the before and after photos below.
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To Dos

If you know me, have worked with me, or had the unfortunate experience of going to school with me (high school especially), then you know how disorganized I can be.

I’ve been reading through Getting Things Done now for a very long time. So long, in fact, that it pains me to think about all the stuff I haven’t been able to read yet, and the subpar performance on my behalf in implementing the ideas and systems that are presented inside.

I have a new filing system which works well, but the mountain of “stuff” that I have to sift through in order to file is becoming more and more gargantuan, and it certainly has become disheartening to think of, let alone do. I’m going to put this post out there with the inteded effect of trying to kickstart some of these “projects” that have been dying from underuse.

First things first, I must say that my disorganization in the real world is starting to affect my organization in my virtual doings to the point where sitting in a pile of filth has made me feel like one, which in turn makes me churn out more filth, and the cycle continues. I’d like to attempt to break away from this cycle, and here’s where this post comes in.

To give you an idea of some of the “projects” that have been sitting around for some time, I’ll chronical a few here:

  • Clean My Office – This is an inhumanly impossible task that has evaded my grasp for far too long. As I said, sitting in my own filth really does transfer to the quality of my work, and it is really beginning to weigh on me physically as well as mentally. Expect to see some posts in the near future with this subject in mind, as I’m going to try to give a play-by-play as I take care of the clutter that is overrunning my life.
  • School Work – This is an ongoing issue in my life. I’ve been to college, stopped, and am now going back in an attempt to get a degree and find a better career for myself in the future. This semester has really given me the opportunity to put my system to the test, and it’s going well so far.
  • Various Computer-related Tasks – I am in charge of a large number of computers and peripherals in our house, which have fallen into complete disarray. We have no working printer or scanner, and my in-laws’ computer is beginning to choke under its own 3-year-old Windows 2000 installation’s weight. Also, my live-in 16 year old niece is in need of a PC for schoolwork. Also a digital camera repair, and some reformats are in order.
  • Online Stuff – I need to update my resumes, remove my eligibility from Monster while I’m in school, and further manage my social networking accounts.
  • Writing – I’ve written a good bit, and need to digitize it for future use.
  • Freelance Work – I have two pending assignments that need to be completed ASAP.

All of this “stuff” really does need to be done, and as of yet, I have not been able to muster the ability to get them done. The very first task I will be taking on will be the cleaning of my office. I will try to post some info about that at a later date.

I have a full plate right now, and not for want of a steady job as well. Hopefully I can pull out of all of this a better person, with cleaner habits.