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Audio in Modern Computing

With all the focus today on creating modern and more interactive interfaces with the computing platforms we use on a daily basis, it seems to me that we are focusing mostly on the senses of touch and sight, and neglecting the roll that sound could play in the way we use our computing devices.

I realize that most devices are targeted to work with a large variety of consumers, thus allowing someone to use a PC without needing to be able to experience audio-specific cues, but I have to wonder what sort of new ideas could come out of modern interface design if developers were allowed to use audio in a more functional manner.

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Resources for Web Developers and Designers

Recently, I’ve been going back to college to finally get my degree in Web Development. For a teacher, I gathered links that I had used in my work out in the field. Here is a collection of everything I could think of.

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Re-installing Linux

As I said in my last post, I have decided to re-install linux, and give it another chance. While I won’t be completely blowing away my Windows install, I will be switching full time to using the linux desktop for all of my normal activities.

I downloaded and attempted to run the eLive 1.0 Gem release, and it would not boot past the setup of the video card drivers. I’ve decided that I don’t want to spend all day dealing with a system that I’m unfamiliar with, just for the sake of having a pretty desktop.

So, I’m back to installing Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. Though this was the source of most of my headaches last time around, I’m willing to give it another try after living with the crap that is Windows.

That being said, I plan on updating packages across the board ONCE during installation, and then keeping things the same through the near future, as to not upset any balance that can be had from this new installation.

Also, I am installing the i386 version, rather than the x86_64, due to the lack of support from some of the proprietary systems out there. Not sure what this will mean in performance, but I don’t think it will make a whole world of difference to me in the long run.

If I can get around the issues that I’ve had such a problem with, keep things simple, and just freaking use it, I think things will go well. As for trying out new distros, I think that Ubuntu works for me, and it will be good enough at this point.

While I won’t be using the Enlightenment window manager, I think that Gnome will provide a nice enough interface for me. (with a theme from Gnome-Look, of course)

If anything new happens during this time, I’ll be sure to report my findings. After the partitioner finishes it’s extremely long formatting process, I should be able to get started with things.