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Getting Things Done – The Review

It’s been 100 days since I bought Getting Things Done. I’m happy to report that I finally finished reading the book.

This book has pure and simply changed my life. Going through the methods and reading about other people’s experiences really helped me sort through the “stuff” in my life, and allow me to truly buckle down and do something.

Now, I don’t profess to be an expert in the ways of GTD, but it’s a learning process. I truly feel that if I read the book again, I will find hundreds of ideas that I had passed over the first time I read it.

I’ve integrated the ideas and precepts into my everyday life, which allows me to view my lists easily, and keep track of all the “stuff” that comes with having my sort of mental processes.

The most invaluable tool that I have been using is Google Notebook. I can easily make lists and keep things organized here. I have a Projects list, and each project is tagged by name. Then, each Next Action, or Project Support Material is tagged with the very same. This allows me to do a quick filter which shows all of the list items under any one project, so that if I’m in the mood to do some writing, I can click on the “Writing” tag, and find out what I need to do next, view any support materials, and go for it.

It was hard to first get the ideas through my thick skull, but once they started to grow on me, I was able to find more mental clarity.

My next step in the saga of organizing my life is to re-read the list of possible “stuff” from the book, so that I can further organize all of the “stuff” in my life. I feel like there is a vast amount of “stuff” that I didn’t think of the first time through, so it’s time to review and expand.

Even though it’s been 100 days, I’ve only just begun to fully trust my system. My mind is beginning to find other things to do than worry about all the stuff I haven’t done yet.

I recommend reading/listening to this book for anyone who could use a good bit of extra goal setting and organization skills in their life.

Overall, this book gets a 10/10 from me.

To Read / Watch

Over the past few months, I have been using Google Reader to cut down on unnecessary time sinks in visiting all of the sites that I want to get my news for the day.

Quickly, I began using the tags to separate stories that I didn’t want to read at the moment, but save for later. Now that I am working through GTD’ing my life, I remembered that I had a backlog of stories in Reader that I haven’t even considered to put on my “To Read / Watch” list. Continue reading