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The Fear of Using Windows – Part 3: Windows Alternative: Linux

In the last entry of this series, I discussed the true cost of owning a Windows-based computer.  Although the one-time upfront fee may sound like a great deal, in order to keep your computer running for years to come, you must invest a large amount of time, money and effort.

In this entry, I would like to discuss an alternative to the Windows operating system: Linux.
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Windows 7 Beta 1 Public Release!

Product keys are available! Follow these instructions

I got a 32 and 64-bit key, just in case. Everyone still advises going elsewhere for the actual ISO, as most of the straight-from-Microsoft downloads crap out at about 350Mb. I’m happily downloading the 64-bit version currently, and will probably be able to report back on Monday about what it’s like.

I have been none-too-happy with Microsoft lately, but am willing to give Windows 7 a try. I doubt I will switch back to Windows full time, but I have never used the DirectX 10 capabilities in my video cards, so I’m excited about this release!

Also, I am working on Comic #2, inspired by my friend Chuck Danner. Stay tuned for that!

Quick Idea: Mood-based GTD System

I have no idea if something like this has been created, as I’ve only just had a few minutes to mull it over in my mind. It sounds more like a psychology experiment than a truly achievable computer science experiment.

Lately I’ve been finding out that my brain doesn’t work well on the 9-5, M-F work schedule that seems to work out for most people in this world. I’m not really sure why this is, but it seems to be built into my brain, as it’s been very hard for me to break. I’ve tried many things to try to jump start my brain, but have been unable to get something that keeps me on a regular schedule. I can wake up physically at 7am every morning in order to have an extra hour of time to get things done, but that doesn’t make me get things done.

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Early Morning

Oh, man, 6 AM never seemed this tired before…

My 2-year-old son was tragically awakened by the loud thunderstorms that we’re having in the area today. He’s sitting in his hand-made bear chair, which my grandfather created, cut, assembled and stained by hand. Cup of water and goldfish crackers nearby, he’s happily watching Growing Up With Winnie the Pooh – A Great Day of Discovery (when he wants to watch something, we let him choose from the DVD rack).

My head is killing me, I really need to get some coffee into me before I fall asleep again. Maybe I’ll take a nap today when he goes down. Here’s a few resources for those of you out there that are a bit averse to naps:

If you have your trusty PMOG toolbar installed, you’ll notice the last link has a mission with related napping information.

Personally, I will probably be drinking some coffee and laying down for a good 20 minute Neuro Programmer 2 session. This has worked for me in the past, and we’ll see a good real-world application today.