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R.I.P. Worthless Genius

Though last week’s announcement of being finished with my productivity quest was just an April Fools joke, this announcement is quite real.

I will no longer be updating the Worthless Genius blog, instead I will be moving onto a new blog at Stroz.net.

I plan on leaving all of the Worthless Genius posts and content here, and still following through on comments, etc. I will be putting together some kind of new layout to accentuate the most popular posts here, so that newcomers can find some value through all of the settling dust.

Two years is a good run, and I have learned much about writing, productivity, and all of the other topics that I have covered here in the past. I hope that some of my readers will follow me onto my new endeavor, and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces commenting over there.

If you would like to know more information about my motivations behind this switch, head on over to the first post on the Stroz.net Blog, and leave a comment there with your thoughts.

Thank you, reader, for a great 2 year run. Here’s to the future!