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I’m Falling In Love With An Android…Phone

an android with love in its eyes

A few weeks ago, something happened to me that makes geeks the world over scream with happiness: my cell phone contract had reached its end with my previous carrier.  To normal folk, this might not seem like that exciting of an occasion, but to the geek species, this is almost like having a second birthday.

Suddenly faced with a decision that will once again lock me into 2 years of ridiculous fees, unchanging phone hardware and the prospect that I would have to use yet another phone that I would not enjoy, I decided to shop around instead of going with the only local carrier with decent coverage here in my area.

I said goodbye to US Cellular, and went out into the world to find a carrier/phone combo that met my needs.  Each one of the providers had a major flaw, but I decided I had to look past that flaw in order to find a device that was exactly what I needed.

So, Sprint became the clear choice, regardless of the fact that they do not have a retail store in our area.  Now to decide which phone I wanted to use.

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Writer’s Guilt



Every creative person before me has identified and dealt with a little issue that I’m going to call Writer’s Guilt.  Writers Guilt occurs in two distinct–yet definitely intertwined–forms.

It occurs to me that everyone with a creative pursuit must go through this ordeal and come away making a choice in either direction.  I have yet to make that choice, and end up doing 50% on both sides of the coin, rather than picking one and going full force.

What can I do about this?  Let’s first identify the two sides of the story, then we’ll do a little research to find out what ways other writers suggest to get past this social and personal road block.

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When Do You Know When You’re Done?

Yesterday’s post, How Not To Write A Novel – Or 4 Ways To Drop The Ball quickly became the most read post on this blog. I wanted to follow up with another good writing topic that has been on my mind for the past few days.

When Do You Know When You’re Done?
Some writers start out with a clear vision, and a solid outline which allows them to write exactly what they need, regardless of whether there is extra content that seems to be needed for the story to properly be conveyed.

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Software Spotlight: GMail

While not as traditional a piece of software, GMail is a piece of web-based software which I use probably more than any other service or software that comes across my plate.

Before there was GMail in my life, I was using Hotmail as my main email account. If you’ve ever used Hotmail, you probably won’t have to stretch your mind too far to see why I made the switch to the speed, ease of use and giant storage capacity that GMail offers.

When GMail was on an invite-only basis during its early beta phase, I was lucky enough to find an online friend who extended me an invite. In those days, GMail had a storage capacity of 1Gb, which was outrageous, as Hotmail only offered a few hundred Mb.

When I began using GMail, I had no idea how far it would become ingrained in my everyday life. I currently use 12 email addresses (hosted sites, professional addresses, etc.) and GMail takes care of receiving and sending from each of those addresses with ease. Not only is GMail a service for a new email address, but it is also a fully featured email client, offering support for remote email addresses through IMAP, POP3 and forwarding.

The best thing that I’ve found about email, aside from the near-perfect spam filtering, is that I never have to delete anything. I have email ranging all the way back from my initial creation of my account, and I am still only using 5% of the 7.2Gb of available storage.

Along with never having to delete anything, there is instant search. As fast as you can type in a keyword and hit “Search Mail” you have results from the thousands of emails right at your fingertips. This makes finding that one email with the login information for that obscure site you signed up for 6 months ago and forgot the password to as easy as possible.

With features like labels, which apply a folder-like structure to emails according to criteria which you set (both past and future emails), you can use this for every piece of your online life.

I truly could not get anything done without my GMail accounts. If you have never made the leap to using GMail, I invite you now to give it a go. Signing up for a GMail account gives you access to all of Google’s wonderful web-based software suites, such as Notebook, Calendar, Docs, and so much more.